How can we join I-LAND global vote? Who will be part 2 members?


I-LAND is a survival audition TV program started on June 26th, 2020.
It has huge attention as this collaboration involves CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment; Korea’s one of the biggest entertainment companies and promoted BTS.

The fans’ enthusiasm grows more and more as broadcasting continues, dominating Twitter world trends, and at last, the global vote opened for fans to choose I-LAND part 2 members on July 24th.

Here, shows the details of the global vote and anticipate who will be the part 2 members.

Okay, check it out!

What is I-LAND global vote like?

The global vote is open from July 24th, but how can we proceed and what is the system like? Is it complicated?

I-LAND voting system is rather complicated compared to other Korean audition program, so let us show you as easily as possible.

The I-LAND program has 23 trainee members now.

In I-LAND part 1, both I-LANDER and GROUNDER groups went through 4 types of audition test, but only members who proceed to part 2 can get the ticket for debut.

After the 4th test broadcast on July 31st, Friday,“Producers” and “I-LANDERs” will choose 3 members each from I-LANDER group, and other 6 members will be chosen from the rest 6 members of I-LANDERs and all 11 GROUNDERs based on the result of the global vote. The total winning members will be 12.

That means, the trainee members in GROUNDER group have to gain the most votes to get the chance to debut.

How to vote

The fans all over the world can vote, unlike Produce 101 which was only for Korean residents.
Here we explain how to vote in Japan.

Visit official site
Click “vote” button at the bottom
Select “Log in” or “Sign up” (*I-LAND uses “weverse” system, so if you already have “weverse” account, you can just log in.)
Check the terms and conditions and agree to all (*You cannot vote if you disagree any of them.)
Choose members for part 2 (*6 at most)
Click the “vote” button at the bottom


You can vote once everyday.

About the system

The first vote took place from July 24th to July 31st, under the condition below;

・from all 23 trainee members
・one device once a day
・choose 6 members at at time

The second vote will be started after the broadcasting on July 31, Friday, without 6 chosen “survivers” under the condition below;

・from remaining 17 trainee members
・from August 1st 0:00 am to August 2nd 12:00 pm
・one device once a day
・choose 6 members at at time

One vote will be counted as 3 in the second vote, so the members will score 3 times more than the first time.

6 members who won the most total votes through the first and second vote will proceed to part 2.

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Who will be I-LAND part 2 members?

What kind of characters do I-LAND part 2 members have, who are going to get the opportunity of debut?

Let’s see how fans in SNS support them!

I-LAND and GROUND members
To begin with, check the members of “I-LANDERs” and “GROUNDERs.”




Votes of Japanese fans and forecast

Let’s see how and who Japanese fans support at Twitter!

・I-LAND K is the best! I vote for him everyday! Hang on!

・I dare to support SHINee World. May NI-KI’s dream come true. Hope he will debut and reunite wth SHINee. I will definitely vote for him!

・I did! You need to sign up for voting. You can vote 6 members. Of course I vote for JUNGWON and K as he is good at dancing and will be great combination with JUNGWON.

・I voted for K, NI-KI, SUNGHOON, JAY, TA-KI, and DANIEL!


・I want K, NI-KI and TA-KI to proceed to part 2, so I vote for them! Especially NI-KI!! I hope he will be rewarded.

・I-LAND vote impossible? JUNGWON, NI-KI, K, DANIEL, JAY and SUNOO, maybe?

・In I-LAND, I recommend DANIEL, K, NI-KI, TA-KI, and JUNGWON! Not to regret, I vote everyday for them! Take some time to choose the last one! JAY and SUNOO may be the first candidates.

・Win for I-LAND, DANIEL!! I vote everyday!

This is only after the first day, but many fans are supporting Japanese members K, NI-KI and TA-KI. Especially, NI-KI was highly recommended by SHINee World fans as he was used to be the SHINee kid.

Outside Japanese members, DANIEL, JAY, JUNGWON and SUNOO are popular in Japan.

Part 2 will be consist of 12 members; 6 present I-LANDERs and 6 winners in global vote.

The vote will have fans from all over the world, so cannot be judged only from Japanese popularity, but considering from reputation so far, part 2 members may be 12 below;

[part 2 members forecast]


Now, hope you have quite the idea of I-LAND global vote system and part 2 members in this article.

Part 1 is coming to the end, and we bet fans all over the world can’t wait to see the members of part 2!

Let’s see how “I-LAND” goes and keep giving them much needed support!

Thank you for reading and being with us!

I-LANDデビューメンバーを徹底予想!ポジションや役割も考えてみた!2020年6月26日(金)から放送開始された“サバイバルオーディション番組”「I-LAND(アイランド)」。 BTSを輩出した韓国...
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